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Alspaugh Wealth Management, LLC is a full-service, independent financial advisory firm servicing customers in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding communities.

We Are The Retirement People

We believe our success is not built on what we accomplish for ourselves; rather, its foundation lies in what we do for others.

At Alspaugh Wealth Management, we place the highest value on our clients and their interests. We proudly serve customers in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding communities. Alspaugh Wealth Management’s mission is to help empower local families and businesses with the kind of innovative and thoughtful strategies, solutions, and financial planning that can help lead to financial clarity.

Color of Money

The Color of Money Risk Analysis assesses your financial picture and provides a roadmap to your overall risk preferences. The output will be a proprietary Color of Money score. This short, interactive analysis is the first step on the road to retirement.

Generational Vault

A virtual “safety deposit box” for our clients to upload important documents and view financial information. It comprises three dynamic components, including a secure portal to send and store confidential financial documents, daily investment and banking values, as well as snapshots of financial assets and expenses to view.

Insurance Solutions

As an independent insurance firm, we are able to shop dozens of insurance carriers to find rates and product solutions to fit your specific needs and goals, meaning we are not relegated to simply one line of products or one brand name like a captive agent.

Income Planning

Income planning for retirement can be a daunting task for many retirees because there is a lot to learn. At Alspaugh Wealth Management, we are here to help you navigate throughout each of the three income planning phases – accumulation, distribution, and preservation or transfer

Retirement Planning

After a thorough and careful financial discovery with you, we analyze your personal financial situation – income, expenses, liquidity needs, and retirement goals – and create a retirement playbook that is unique to your situation.

Workplace Retirement Plans

Let us focus on your retirement plan, so you can focus on your business! We will help with the enrollment of eligible employees, and we will hold annual education meetings to help your participants plan for their retirement.

The Last Paycheck

When the time comes for retirement, you want your money to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle and stable income after your working days are done. Brock’s book covers building a sustainable retirement income and how to keep the paychecks coming in. 

Avoiding 401(k) Rollover Mistakes!

The tax advantages and portability of the 401(k) have provided many Americans with the opportunity to build a nest egg throughout their working lives. Often, it’s one of their largest retirement assets. If you contribute to a 401(k), its flexibility gives you choices as you go through life. Make sure you know the rules, because 401(k) rollover mistakes can be costly!

Retirement Playbook
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This show is dedicated to the small things that can help make a difference. Listen in to learn more about strategies, solutions, and financial planning that can help lead to financial clarity.

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